Who Am I? Who can I be?
My short autobiographical notice stands in my first book :  Géométrie de la Constellation Rêvée 
Une miniature autobographique sera trouvée dans un premier livre :  Geography of the Constructed Mind 
les 120 Images de la Data Bank of the Hullupus : connectez-vous ici  les mots de passe et user name se trouvent dans le livre 'Géométrie de la Constellation Rêvée'
the 120 Images, the Data Bank of the Hullupus: connect here  : user name and passwords for access to the Images can only be found in book 'Geography of the Constructed Mind'
the book can be found from the amazon web : très jolie, mystérieuse et trop peu connue librairie du web
(le livre est en deux langues, il est composé de textes littéraires aux petits oignons : très soignés . Sertis de belles images . . .)
Le propos du Livre "Géométrie de la Constellation Rêvée", est celui de construire un système de Philosophie par tous les ingrédients audio-visuels, et non plus seulement par les concepts (mots écrits)
Le curieux pourra trouver ici un lien vers un forum de discussions s'en allant de bon train  autour de ce thème de l'Image, forum que l'on nomme : l'Orbital Flat Surface
The Theme of "Geography of the Constructed Mind" is, as a book, to build a Philosophical System with every ingredients allowed by a typical audio-visual production, thus not only by concepts or written words.
The curious mind shall find here a link towards a forum which broadens this theme of Audio-Vision, in a discussion (French & English) : we call this forum : the Orbital Flat Surface


Who is Mathyas: what they say about him ??

Elie Rabinovitch, Cinéast, Musician.

Mathyas Jacqmain is an Artist entirely devoted to his art. Since the year 1986, when I first encountered him, I have always seen him drawing : prey to one or another imaginary drift, building every time a World, not only inside the drawing itself, but a Mythology propelling the work into a broadening Space. It is, I presume from this resented lack, co-existing with the blank sheet of a drawing, that he on a certain day, started to write, to organize a cinematographic storyline, to which later on he came up adding techniques of animations, which as a process ended up with building in 3d. There, the Serious and the Humor mix, and questions append to Media, to (non) ways of communicating. Tinged with alienation? or praying to the Divine. A zone in-between Animism and Polytheism, Mathyas integrates often a SuperNatural being in his Oeuvres, incarnated, or ethereal, the 'Creator', perhaps an echo to himself: the Being who gives life by Art. Art, in Mathyas, was always a profession of Faith. His language, seems to be original. Original, in a literal sense: brute, brisk: void of any self-censorship! It is genuine because vital. Art Consuming, in droves, so not easy it is to discover the influences, or an ascendency of one or an other artist, in what Mathyas does. His Models might exist in Philosophy, his thoughts underlie, in their process, I so imagine, at least, philosophical articulations of Forms. All in all, my reasoning into Mathyas', make me want to see in him an Artist of an absolute integrity, whose unique complexity, humor and permanent interrogations, turn me more and more curious about what can be laid stored in our Future.

Stéphane Manzone, Cinéaste.

The work of Mathyas Jacqmain, electrical [450 Volts] : oscillations meet between two paradoxical terminals. Aspects of his work Dada revolution propelled. Vibrant, desperate shout, a chaos of films, where saturations range in colors and musics. Disordered, yet they "act" upon the audience, somehow hypnotize, they aggress, and confuse, or amuse sometimes. Mathyas does critique the Media. Info overloaded, this saturation embraces all kind of contradictions, meanings vanish. This is balanced by incredible, soft images, often drawn "flat" by the hand, or more sparsely, quite recently, modelled "3d". Mystical in this regard, the political gets its balance. Sensuality in the Forms, the movements, the blend in colors, the spontaneous metamorphosis, animated frescos. The Poetic, as Tradition senses the word. Less Cerebral sequences, bestow to the work of Mathyas, an uncanny nostalgia, mytho-logical, sprung from early Childhood, mysterious, Global. Absurd, unexpected, discrepant in humor, the Mathyas work gets acid now, deprived of any convention, even uncouth... It is a Profane humor. Elie Faure called for Constructors: "ones who design organization into a destructed society". I don't know, if Mathyas is such a Constructor. His work, disturbing, describes the state of our contemporaneous Society. For Mathyas, this Society, has been destroyed. In that, it is a visionary work.





Publicité Délirante.
Dans un Monde révolutionné par la micro-informatique,
la publicité et
la mise en communication des oeuvres audio-visuelles,
ces trois instances expressives n'ont plus vocation
à demeurer arrimées  au Monde pré-Informatique.
La Publicité en perd le sens des réalités, elle en devient donc vitale et peut à nouveau
scandaliser le jugement du goût moral, celui des deux Mondes . . . .
 - - -
Delirious Advertising :
In a World, within a Micro-Computer revolution,
advertising and
transversal communication between audio-visual works,
learn to undo any bounds with World chunks, previous to the Digital revolution :
Advertising becomes thus vital, and scandalous to the moral tasty standards surveying :
as much the Ancient Earth, as the Moons beyond the Digital Frontier.
La Publicité est le nouveau Panoptique .
Advertising is the new Panoptic


- Panoptic: -Le Livre "Géométrie de la Constellation Rêvée" se trouve dès maintenant dans les plus belles librairies du web, procurez-vous en un exemplaire avec les codes d'accès au présent site d'images. The Book: "Geography of the Constructed Mind" holds for you the codes of access to the Images stocked inside this present website! Allons ensemble - together - find - trouver les Mystérieuses Banques de Données des HullupuS !!Get your copy and fly to
                              our Banks of Datas !!
Hey! What is this Book all about ? Quel est le Sujet du Livre ?? Le sujet du Livre, à mon humble avis est le suivant: "With a Computer to Build: Construire des Images, des Images fixes, ou des Images animées (des collections d'images fixes - ou des séquences d'images animées) mais à l'Ordinateur!! Ce: par rapport au Futur: Quoi de l'Intelligence Artificielle? et Ce: par rapport au Passé: Retour sur l'expérience propre à Mathyas Jacqmain : les divers éléments et les ingrédients, qui exposent un "problème" auquel il fut confronté et comment une solution lui a été trouvée, et Comment il en est résulté une réussite. ("Oui! C'est une réussite"!!) The Book is about: "What must I do?" dit Una Shugoku sur la couverture arrière du Livre: This Question is set to Enquire the Mind of the Reader who is an Artist in Becoming, a Debutant dans les Arts de l'Image, Textes, Musiques et Architecture, --confondus. Cette question s'adresse à Una Shugoku, l'étudiante en herbe qui se lance dans une recherche (métaphysique/esthétique/existentielle) , comprenant divers ingrédients similaires : 1) A Bilingual Book, an Essay about understanding Digital Art: how Digital Art embraces and creates everything: everything, Traditional and Classical Mediums of Creative Arts: quoi du rapport matériaux traditionnels et matériaux classiques / art digital: comment parvenir à tout embrasser, à tout utiliser jusqu'à la réussite du projet .
How to set your self a Goal. Différents matériaux correspondent à différentes parties de l'âme de l'artiste (l'homme multi-componentiel -); The Multi-Layers of the Souls of Artists. Understand! Du coup, pour l'étudiant, l'artiste en devenir, la vision de la réussite qui est visée, this goal itself, mutates, cette fin elle-même change maintenant -- dans la vision qu'en a l'étudiante, Una Shugoku. 2) The circumstances: les circonstances, d'où l'intérêt de l'autobiographie: what are the becomings in the grasping consistency of the other beings ;-the circumstances in;- the autobiography --of the Becoming Artist? We pledge you happy!!
Buy the book right now: Texts and Images come toYou , but in two languages, created by Mathyas Jacqmain, & the becoming artist Una Shugoku, his







I love to present myself here or there, as an amateurish poet,

or as a vernacular arranger of diplomatic discourses, and of contrived plots,

just because it's so true. It has been years since I am a professional poet as well.

(i just discovered it this last year by browsing my computer archives,

i was actually humbled flabbergasted & amazed at myself, loving me so much ! ). I am not gifted

with enough polyglot demeanour, though, so as to portray myself here as

a professional artist in Images as well. Yet, should the reader want,

be it known to her this well: if you happened to desire, to be, or to feel attracted

by the iridescence of my treasures you should discover on my website, email me

a few humbled words if you want me to draw or to sketch anything, a little something 'just' for you.

Prices start from 2000$ for a 300dpi 1000x1000y resolution.

Collectors of Contemporary Art: Contact Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. for that, she has been

mandated by the Queen of Ostya, as my Personal Messenger. Images, Text?

Do it Yourself Platforms, with Sylvia Jenepi delivery to your snail address.


So why not combine this passion and action together, this makes me want to

nurture those two activities on a Forum, which I shall call the O.F.S. (it will be the acronym of Orbital Flat Surface)

Some c-oo-l t-oo-l, Something enabling me to participate

in the creation of a small Community snaking around the BIG project of Self

and of Expression achieved with success by everyone. People from all over the places in the World,

should exchange anon, ideas and sensations away from the usual places 'off' line,

or 'on' line, or 'non' line formatting the Expression of the Self. the Internet. The Ext-Terre Net.

Diagrams grasped by Philosophy, you are allowed now to jump across lines,

Drop your Words, your Lines, your Concepts: they make us want to jump beyond the non-philosophical

divide between Image making and Text making. Still Not Surprised?

Come to the OFS to learn how Social Networks can become

alternatively human or alien when articulated by your Common Sense,

or slightly affected when we try and reclaim the Ostyan ideology.

Learn to discover Id'Zabillya, the Queen of our Republic 'au doux parlé': she who she is: she has

declared betimes her People should discover You: come here

to express so many things: art, memes, rhizomes, with the other humans.

Discussions ranges from Sciences, Computer Logic & Art, Literature, Politics of Self-Analysis,

anything you want, feel free to jump inside! Slightly moderated : Sylvia is fluent in French,

English and Spanish. She knows some words of Ionian Greek and some Ostyan. It's up to your tastes now.

                                                                                                                                                                            Orbital Flat Surface: here & now <<<<<clic ! ! ;))


Now is the time to let you 'clic' on the link towards the Data Bank of the Hullupus.

Get your copy of the Book 'Géométrie de la Constellation Rêvée' -:- 'Geography of the Constructed Mind',

and thus gain access to the passwords and user log-in,

and thus see 120 Images of pristine, divine, Beauty !


This is the Collection, stocked by the Hullupus, about whom the Ostyan know how to be wary of. But we cannot dare say a word.


Get unique access, get your codes to the Architecture of Data in the Ext-Terre Net.




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Now  we shall leave you here for a moment to enjoy our collection of Past Movies.


The Queen's Best Regards,


Eu-Paidias to all Communities,

Sylvia Jenepi & Mathyas Jacqmain

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étude/study for a Future Feature Movie : "BROKEN VESSELS" (' 'Récipients Cassés' ')

Dramatis Personnae:

Voices are spoken: yet, they don't know who writes their speeches.
There is a train of hell : new devils pop-up everywhere on the planet: some of the voices
are conscious of being voices of devils. Devils take a bath in the blue sea of nothingness,
instead than to master what they want out of civilization, instead than to become eternal,
they are enslaved by this gigantic typhoon. Their consciousness shrinks.

Hava, who suddenly dives into the blue sea of nothingness,
while the movie is part of it,
speaks to the group of the devils voices,
and proposes to each, a plan to migrate to a human body on the Earth.
Sexuality, which is everywhere, will help the devils on their Journey in Nature.
Hava will show by desire, how angels have built a ladder between paradise and earth,
how they have built a paradise for the devils, on earth, in the blue sea of nature.
flowers, insects, life forms, interconnect, sexually, by figures that become creative under angelic
musical desires, with rhythms, sounds and sensual voices,
mutual awareness expands between both groups: the angels
and the devils learn to unite their forces,
in a common civilization swimming in blue sea.










A First Short Movie ( mas o menos - 8 minutes ) - directed by Mathyas Jacqmain - Ibiza 1988
Acting Crew: William Petty - Elie Rabinovitch - Mathyas Jacqmain






In a School of Cinema somewhere in Mururoa (French Polynesia), Mathilde is working with different actresses,
how she does exercises of Nuclear Cinema and works with IMAGES,
this is only so confusing for her: she gets easy Hallucinated by the fake Fili Houtman: she has to listen all the way down
to her as "Fili" is her Good Teacher on duty in the atoll, exposing fresh interesting Ideas on Gozilla4, a new Parisian Movie pertaining
to the so-called
"Laidist Avant-Guarde"
of September 1998 , when anon enters CyborgWoman into Mathilde's Life...
Everything Changes for this young Woman.

(End of Synopsis)
Yet, this is only how we are introduced on a quick pace as to how the Story of Mathilde
slowly sips with us in World History of XXIst Century Web-Cinema : further Chapters in her Life
shall enthrall and snare us with Mathilde in a path of discovery.







Une Vidéo faite par uniquement des Fous !!!!!! Ils se guérissent en faisant des Films !!!

Dans notre Asyle Psychiatrique:
Trouvez désormais au sous-sol Une Psycho-Analysis de Groupe
OT de qualité! (100%Caméra-Occupational Thérapy).

Notre Groupe Témoin en Soins Mentaux
se charge de travailler sur l'Ego d'Individu(s) en trouble(s) avec eux-mêmes et/ou avec la Société.
Nous leur pourvoyons une Caméra et des Pilules agissant sur les nerfs pour mieux les a-paiser dans leur difficultés.
Notre réussite a toujours été récompensée & notre seule ambition: la Joie des Patients
Notre Joie à Nous: les retrouver un jour guéris: en pleine rémission,
les observer en retour à la Nature: en décompressions 100% naturelles
effectuées toutes en douceurs collectives.
La Schizophrénie est une Maladie Pénible. Soignons-Nous Tous Ensemble!












Here you can check my animations, executed between 1995 and 1998, in La Cambre, a school of animation, in Brussels.
I ultimately got repealed by School, for non conformism. Thus I started to write a Script for a Movie, on my own, a movie which I would call "Broken Vessels"
It is telling the story of Hava, Lilith and Adam(a), their Journey on Earth. Their new deeds among us.
I have only finished writing this Script in last April2017: 20years later !
Meanwhile, I have done two studies of 15minutes each, for this Feature Movie.
One "Le Schéma de Taltli" is in 3D done with Softimage. The other " a TV Complex in the Blue Sea"
is a study to combine Synthetic Sounds & Voices Narratives with Experimental Video.
If you are interested by viewing one of these two Studies (Higher in Quality, my Life has evolved in Time)
Send me a word or two about yourself and / or your philosophy of cinema.
at this web - address: dewey.dell5 [at] gmail.com : these new works are so precious to me,

and I only so organize 'private' screenings. I'll send you a temporary password and link at this condition!

About the synopsis of those animations shown on this current Vimeo Page:
1)three moscitos get killed
by a obnoxious & victorious cat in Sevilla.(1995) [photography, chimiogrammes, colorclay]
2)machinic biography of two twins, brothers born from different parents, in two different ways.(1996) [animation on paper]
3)TRANSIT IN REDUCTION : two scientists explore a green bubble microsystem inhabited by a changing & becoming crowd of wise birds.(1995-1996)[photography, photocopy, animation on paper]
4)an exploration of Olivier Messiaen concept of 'Non-Retrogradability' as applied to cinema.(1997) [drawing on 35mm negative films]
5)Josephine the Mouse; or, le Peuple des Sirènes: inspired by a Franz Kafka's short story: "Josephine, the Singer, and the People of the Mice" (1997) [mezzotints onto cut-out animations]
6)How a Hollywoodian Trailer can drift away from its original purpose, and Inspire in us: Lyrical Happenings and Subversive Poetry.(1998) [digital imagery, photography]

I apologize for the poor quality of the video medium: it is a digital copy of a vhs copy of a lumatic copy of a 16mm original.
any info contact me at aforementioned email address.

--webdesign, movies, text, book, images , everything in my possession:

©2017--Mathyas Jacqmain.